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General dentistry in Fountain, CO 80817, encompasses various dental treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy. These treatments are essential to maintain good oral health and prevent tooth loss and other dental issues.

While patients may not know what the discipline "general dentistry" means, they do know the care that it provides. This is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common oral diseases that affect the teeth and gums through general dentistry Fountain, CO 80817 services. It involves regular oral cleanings, cavity filling, gum disease treatment, oral cancer screenings, and more! The goal is to provide education and promote proper oral hygiene so that patients can have strong and healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives.

Benefits of General Dentistry in Fountain, CO 80817

Routine dental care is an important part of good overall health. Many people don't realize how important it is to have regular appointments with a general dentist, but doing so can help to protect your smile. Here are some of the major benefits of visiting your general dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, on a regular basis, include:

  • Catch your dental problems early to prevent damage
  • Prevent pain by avoiding oral diseases
  • Maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • Reduce cavities and tooth decay
  • Protect yourself from oral cancer
  • Keep your breath fresh
  • Help keep your gums healthy
  • Decrease your risk of gum disease
  • Deal with gum recession
  • Provide treatment for bruxism (grinding of teeth) or TMJ disorder
  • Improve the appearance of your smile with advanced cosmetic procedures
  • Straighten your teeth with the Invisalign treatment
  • Restore broken or fractured teeth
  • Replace lost fillings or crowns
  • Treat sore gums after braces
  • Remove wisdom teeth that are causing issues
  • Address tooth discoloration or other aesthetic concerns

Types of General Dentistry Services in Fountain, CO 80817

Routine Exam with Dentist in Fountain, CO 80817

During your visit, our dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, will check for signs of decay, periodontal disease, and other health issues. We will then clean your teeth, apply fluoride treatments, and remove plaque buildup. We may also take x-rays if needed to diagnose other issues that are not visible to the naked eye.

Regular checkups in Fountain, CO 80817 can also help to reduce anxiety about going to the dentist. If you are nervous about having dental work done, don't let these fears hold you back from getting the care you need. Talk to our dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, about your fear and find out if sedation is available to help you relax during your visit.

Fillings with Dentist in Fountain, CO 80817

A filling is a type of restoration that is performed to address tooth decay or damage. You can receive a filling on one or more teeth, depending on the severity of the decay or damage. When receiving a filling, the dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, will remove the cavity from the tooth and fill it with a composite resin material that matches the color of the natural enamel of your tooth. The material will bond to the tooth, effectively restoring the shape and function of the tooth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges With Dentist in Fountain, CO 80817

A crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that completely covers the tooth above the gum line. Sometimes called a "tooth cap," a crown is used in Fountain, CO 80817 when a tooth is damaged or broken and cannot be repaired with a filling or other treatment.

A bridge is another option used in Fountain, CO 80817, for replacing missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift out of place, affecting your bite and your ability to speak or chew properly.

Dental bridges are a series of attached crowns placed over existing natural teeth (abutments) and one or more artificial teeth (pontics) to fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Unlike removable partial dentures, fixed bridges cannot be taken out of the mouth by the patient. Instead, the dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, must take precise measurements to ensure a proper fit and comfortable feel for the patient. 

If you're considering general dentistry and would like to learn more about your ways to protect your smile, please contact North End Dental, call (719) 471-1900, or schedule an online consultation with the dentist in Fountain, CO 80817.


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