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Implant Dentistry in Fountain, CO 80817

If you have missing teeth, then you know that it can cause problems in your dental health. You may find it difficult to chew and speak properly. Also, missing teeth can make you feel conscious and embarrassed.

Dental implants in Fountain, CO 80817 are prosthetic tooth roots that provide a permanent restoration for missing teeth. Each dental implant post is surgically inserted into the jawbone, where it slowly fuses with the surrounding bone tissue. This fusion creates a sturdy foundation for an abutment and dental crown that are designed to mimic the function and appearance of your natural teeth. In some cases, our dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, and his team may recommend mini dental implants for patients who want a temporary solution for their tooth loss. Mini implants are small, thin posts that also fuse with the bone beneath the gums to provide a secure anchoring point for a removable denture or bridge.

Unlike dentures that can be removable, dental implants are permanent restorations. In many cases, they can even be placed immediately after tooth extraction, while other treatments like bridges and partials require a few weeks of healing before they can restore a full smile after tooth loss. To learn more about the benefits of implant dentistry in Fountain, CO 80817, keep reading!

Benefits of Implant Dentistry in Fountain, CO 80817

Dental implants in Fountain, CO 80817, provide a number of benefits over traditional tooth replacement methods like bridges or dentures. When you choose to get permanent implants, your oral health will improve, and you won't have to worry about your restoration slipping out of place while you eat or speak. Additionally, dental implants in Fountain, CO 80817, allow you to maintain all of your natural teeth instead of having to alter the structure of surrounding teeth. Without having to rely on removable restorations, you will be able to eat and speak normally. Finally, you can also take advantage of an improved appearance with your new smile. The implant posts will bond with the natural bone tissue in your jaw, providing a permanent foundation for your teeth. Once your new restoration is in place, you can treat it like your other teeth and enjoy all of the benefits that come along with a healthy smile.

Implant-supported Dentures in Fountain, CO 80817

Our dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, may recommend implant-supported dentures if you have worn down or missing teeth and want to be able to chew and speak properly again. These dentures are held in place by dental implants secured by screws into your jawbone, a process called "osseointegration."

An implant-supported denture is a type of overdenture that is secured to the jaw with implants rather than by bonding the appliance to your gums like traditional partial dentures. The implants are placed surgically into the jawbone and fuse with the bone, creating a strong foundation for your teeth to rest on. Over a few months, as your gums heal further, the dentures will settle into a perfect fit. If needed, you can return to your dentist for follow-up appointments during this time to make sure your healing is progressing appropriately and making sure you are happy with the way your new implant-supported dentures look and feel. When everything heals, your custom-made dentures are secured to the posts of the implants. This process helps you regain the ability to eat and speak normally, as well as improve your appearance. 

While traditional dentures rest directly on your gums and are not permanently fixed in place, an implant-supported denture is held securely in place by the implants in your jawbone. This makes them more comfortable and easier to care for than standard dentures. Another benefit of implant-supported dentures in Fountain, CO 80817, is that they don't cover the roof of your mouth. Many patients find that this makes it easier to taste and enjoy the food they eat.

If you are a candidate for an implant-supported denture, our dentist in Fountain, CO 80817, can help you decide if this is the best option for you or if you may benefit from an alternative treatment.

If you're considering implant dentistry and would like to learn more about your ways to improve your smile, please contact North End Dental, call (719) 471-1900, or schedule an online consultation with the dentist in Fountain, CO 80817.


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