How We Keep You Safe

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires dental offices to maintain stricter sanitation and sterilization protocols than general business offices. This has always been the case long before the COVID-19 pandemic. To further reduce any risk of exposure for patients, however, we have implemented additional safety measures:
  1. We’ve heightened our disinfecting and sanitation protocols.
  2. We have added pathogen-killing air purifiers to every room and treatment alcove in our office. 
  3. Every patient is screened for any illness before their arrival and we take their temperature when they arrive. Anyone who poses a risk of infection, no matter how remote, is asked to reschedule. 
  4. We have reduced the number of patients in our waiting area for social distancing.
Our staff are thoroughly trained on all the actions needed to keep the office sanitized and safe for patients from the youngest to the oldest. We want you to be completely at ease when you come to us for dental care.


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