Video Testimonials

Snap-In Dentures Testimonial

I just recently got my new dentures from Dr. Hill and North End Dental, and I absolutely love them! - Sana

Snap-In Denture Testimonial

Now, I can smile and be happy and eat what I wanna eat.

Fixed Top and Bottom Dentures Testimonial

Not every doctor is like Dr. Hill. It's like worth hanging in there.

Implant Dentures Testimonial

Oh My God! They look so much better. They feel better. I can talk!

Smile Makeover Testimonial

Dr. Hill and North End Dental are such a blessing to me! Thumbs up for them!

Chantal's Testimonial

I got implants. I was struggling with dentures getting them to stay in. They feel great. I have a confident smile, and I am very satisfied.- Chantal

Renee's Testimonial

I love my teeth. They look great. Beautiful smile! I have waited so long for my teeth to be like this.- Renee

Todd's Testimonial

I did 8-month treatment program with ClearCorrect, which worked fabulous.- Todd

Yariela's Testimonial

I had my implant in today. And I happy having.- Yariela

Hunter's Testimonial

I have had a wonderful experience here. I had some orthodontic work done and an implant and crown.- Hunter

Hugh's Testimonial

I came to Dr. Hill at North End Dental for bottom implants and my experience here was very very wonderful!- Hugh

Kerri's Testimonial

I was a little nervous coz I had to have two of them done, but they didn't hurt. They chew nice. They look good. They feel good.- Kerri

Don's Testimonial

I just got my teeth redone. It feels awesome. Especially having the bottom teeth, where they are not floating around.- Don


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