Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Colorado Springs, CO


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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Colorado Springs, CO

Full mouth rehabilitation refers to the restoration of every tooth in the mouth affected by oral conditions. Full mouth rehabilitation often includes a combination of restorative dental treatments. This is usually performed to restore the appearance and functionality of the teeth.


While full mouth rehabilitation can be a lengthy procedure, the benefits are extensive. Patients who choose to undergo full mouth rehabilitation can expect the following benefits:

  • Restored oral health: A full mouth rehabilitation is designed to restore all teeth to a functioning state. This often means removing the decay, fixing broken teeth, and replacing teeth that are missing. Once the treatment is complete, patients will see a tremendous improvement in their oral health.
  • Improved comfort: Many patients tend to suffer from uncomfortable symptoms as a result of their oral health issues. A full mouth rehabilitation is designed to resolve these issues. Patients would be able to bite and chew food better and feel a lot more comfortable with their teeth.
  • Restored confidence: A full mouth rehabilitation can restore a patient’s confidence. Patients are likely to feel embarrassed about their smiles due to the condition of their teeth. A full mouth rehabilitation can change this for the better.

Who Would Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation is a great way to treat several problems with your teeth at once. If you are missing several teeth, your remaining teeth can shift out of position. This can cause problems with your bite, such as chewing difficulty or pain. You may also experience speech problems if your bite is misaligned. Treating all these problems through full mouth rehabilitation can leave you with a more attractive, comfortable, functional smile.


A full mouth rehabilitation is a process that combines multiple procedures to restore your mouth to optimal health and function. Patients who suffer from chronic dental issues such as tooth decay, gum recession, tooth loss, bite misalignment, TMJ disorder, and other complications can benefit from a full mouth rehabilitation.

The full mouth rehabilitation process begins with a consultation with our dentist to discuss your oral health concerns and goals. From there, our dentist will make recommendations for treatment. In addition to restoring your dental health, a full mouth rehabilitation can also restore your smile’s appearance.


Full mouth rehabilitation could take several weeks or longer to complete, depending on the complexity of the procedures. After each procedure, you will most likely experience mild discomfort. You may be given a prescription for pain medication. Some patients experience swelling and soreness, especially if multiple procedures are performed.

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